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Our NEW easy-fit Splashpanel shower kits are designed for two sided shower enclosures, and are suitable for areas up to 1200mm wide and 2532mm tall - the panels can be trimmed to accomodate any size. They're quick and easy to fit with a tounge and groove system and come complete with either a colour matched or silver corner seal and end caps for a professional finish that is 100% waterproof. Choose from 4 different designs, each with a co-ordinating border.

Splash Panel Waterproof Panelling Decors


White Crystal

White Crystal

Pearlescent White

Pearlescent White

Light Grey Marble

Light Grey Marble

Pergamon Marble

Pergamon Marble



Pearlescent Black

Pearlescent Black

Black Crystal

Black Crystal

Travertine Matt

Travertine Matt

Sand Marble

Sand Marble

Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine

Silver Travertine Matt

Silver Travertine Matt

Silver Twine

Silver Twine

Note ! - Disclaimer Statement:

Due to variations & limitations in the photographic process any pictures of decor colours shown in marketing brochures, on sample swatches, or on the Splashpanel website may vary from the actual product. It is therefore recommended that you request product samples prior to making your purchase. Be aware that glossy finished decors have a lower scratch resistance than textured decors and that the stated care & maintenance procedures must be followed to minimise normal wear and tear of the products.

There are normal manufacturing process effects that may be visible on the products such as extrusion profile telegraphing and micro finish particles present on its surface which are normal for this product and are not grounds for complaint as all panels must be visually inspected prior to installation. Exact pattern matches are not guaranteed with any marble or stone structured decors. As small samples cannot fully convey the overall look of a full size panel/s, and are unlikely to have been produced from the same batch of an order of panels received, sample pieces are a guide to visual aesthetics only.

As a printing process is part of the manufacturing procedure overall colour / shade variances can occur between batches of these products. As stone & marble decors are meant to replicate natural material products, where colour / shade variances are a normal natural characteristic, colour and shade variance present between panels / batches of any of these decors is normal and not grounds for complaint.

Splashpanel reserve the right to amend any of these specifications without prior notice


To start or end the assembly of the panels.

external corner

To make an outside corner.

internal corner

To make an inside corner.

h-joint and decor strip

A H joint or décor strip between 2 panels.

10mm trims available in 2.4m lengths Bright Silver White Black
End U Cap
External Corner
Internal Corner
H joint & Décor strip
Tongue & groove panels Material Height* 1000mm Width* 1200mm Width* Thickness*
White PVC 2400mm 10mm
White Crystal PVC 2400mm 10mm
Pearlescent White PVC 2400mm 10mm
Light Grey Marble PVC 2400mm 10mm
Pergamon Marble PVC 2400mm 10mm
Travertine PVC 2400mm 10mm
Pearlescent Black PVC 2400mm 10mm
Black Crystal PVC 2400mm 10mm
Travertine Matt PVC 2400mm 10mm
Sand Marble PVC 2400mm 10mm
Silver Travertine PVC 2400mm 10mm
Silver Travertine Matt PVC 2400mm 10mm

*All dimensions are nominal

Splash Panel Waterproof Panelling Installation

Installation instructions are available from your Splashpanel PVC Waterproof Panelling supplier and are also included within the product packaging.

Click here for a fitting instructions PDF

Click or tap on an image below to view a larger version of it.

Splash Panel Installation

1. Start by fitting an End U Cap or Scotia Trim as required to the wall.

Splash Panel Installation

2. Apply a continuous thick bead of adhesive around the periphery edge of the panel (50mm in from the panel edge), followed by further horizontal beads of adhesive spaced at 450mm centres across the back of the panel. Angle the panel edge fully into the previously fixed starting profile trim and firmly locate the panel onto the wall so that the adhesive on the back of the panel makes full contact with the wall at all points. Where a timber batten frame system has been fixed to the walls apply the beads of adhesive to the battens first rather than the back panel and then locate the panel in the same manner onto the adhesive / battens.

Splash Panel Installation

3. Apply panel adhesive to the reverse of the next panel and fully insert the panel’s tongue into the previous panel’s groove adding a small silicone bead at the joint.

Splash Panel Installation

4. If H type mid-joint trims are being used to cover panel joints the H joint profiles adhere using panel adhesive.

Is Splashpanel waterproof?

Yes. Splashpanel is made from PVC plastic and is completely waterproof. If the panels are to be used in a wet or humid environment, we always recommend using silicone sealant between the panel joints to avoid water getting behind the panels.

Can I fit Splashpanel myself?

Yes. Splashpanel can be fitted by a competent DIY person with no need for a professional. The added benefit is the ability to fit the product using general DIY tools.

Can I apply Splashpanel directly to tiles?

Yes. You can fit the Splashpanel directly to tiles as long as the tiles are secure and flat. We recommend that tiles are well cleaned and ideally sanded/roughed first to allow our adhesive to take a strong hold.

Do you offer installation instructions?

Yes. All panels are provided with full installation instructions and should be adhered to when installation takes place.

Are the panels solid PVC?

No. Splashpanel is extruded PVC which has a corrugated structure. PVC material is much lighter than many other composite panels making it easier to handle and install.

How do I store Splashpanel?

Splashpanel must not be stored vertically, leant against walls or any object as the flexible nature of the panels may induce bowing. The panels must be stored flat on a dry, surface within a normal heated room environment. Handle the panels with care to avoid damage and when lifting it is recommended that 2 persons lift the panels and appropriate care is taken to avoid any injury.

Can I buy accessories to match?

A range of installation and finishing accessories are available to complement your Splashpanel PVC product, they ensure a trouble free watertight installation and on going high performance of the panels. Please ensure the recommended panel adhesive, high quality sealant and accessories are purchased prior to commencing your installation.

What does a Splashpanel weigh?

Panel Weight: Approx 11 kg including packaging.

What size is Splashpanel?

Panel Size (All dimensions are nominal)

2400mm (H) x 1000mm (W) x 10mm (T)

Dimension Tolerances.
Height- 0 to + 20mm
Width + / - 3.0mm
Thickness + / - 0.5mm
Squareness +/- 1.5mm

Do I need to maintain sealant after fitting?

Yes. Invariably sealants can break down over time. It is essential to ensure sealant is maintained to avoid water getting behind the panels.

Is Splashpanel UV Stable?

Splashpanel PVC panels have an element of resistance to both artificial and natural UV light but they are not however ultimately UV light stable and therefore fading of panels may occur over time due to direct sunlight. To minimise this effect it is recommended that curtains or blinds are used as necessary during prolonged periods of direct sunlight.

Is Splashpanel CE certified?

Yes. EN 13245-2:2008 Plastic- Unplasticized polyvinylchloride PVC-U profiles for building applications and internal wall linings. System 4 EC – CoC - IN-SH-CP-5612-13015

Does Splashpanel come with any Fire Certification?

Yes. Fire Rating tested to BS EN 13501-1:2007 achieving an F.R classification of C, s3, d0

How do I clean Splashpanel?

The surface of Splashpanel can be hygienically cleaned with Splashpanel spray cleaner, which is a mild nonabrasive cleaner with an anti-bacterial agent.

Splash Panel Waterproof Panelling Fixing Options, Care & Maintenance

Fixing options

Splashpanel PVC Waterproof Panelling is fixed by adhering the panels to an appropriately sound, flat and plumb sub surface. If the sub surface is uneven then a timber batten frame system should be installed to give a suitable sub surface to adhere to.

The full product installation instructions are supplied with every panel, and are also available via your Splashpanel supplier.

Care & maintenance

Splashpanel PVC Waterproof Panelling is more hygienic and easier to maintain than tiles. The non-porous surface provides excellent protection against bacteria and stains. Splashpanel PVC anti-bacterial cleaner kills germs and keeps hard surfaces clean without scratching.

Abrasive cleaners and bleaches MUST NOT be used on Splashpanel PVC Panelling.

Fire Rating

Fire Rating tested to BS EN 13501-1:2007 achieving an F.R classification of C, s3, d0


Splashpanel PVC Waterproof Panelling has a 5 year residential / domestic use warranty against manufacturing defects. Installation of your Splashpanel PVC Waterproof Panelling must be as per the instructions supplied, as incorrect installation will void the warranty.

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